Trails & Trail Maps

At present, there are eight officially designated trails in the Park:  Pussy Willow LaneBenchland Trail,  Ranger Bob's Loop, Blackwell Connector, Crow’s Nest, Pond Trail, Sandy Ridge, and Hoodoo Trail.

These trails lie to the East of the Barnhartvale Sanitary Landfill (a.k.a. “The Dump”) and connect to the Blackwell Trail network at three points:  the Bluff Gate, The Bent Gate and Park Gate.

The Blackwell Trail network is NOT part of the Park!  

The Blackwell Trails are on Crown Land, managed by the Barnhartvale Horse & Hiker Trail Preservation Society, subject to a stewardship agreement with the BC Government.

It is also a cattle lease owned by the Blackwell family, and hikers may encounter cows  on the trails.  When hiking these trails please control your dogs and be sure to close all gates behind you.

There are also a number of unofficial trails in the Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park to the West of The Dump.  While accessible, they are unofficial at present because public access is not available unless hikers trespass on adjacent Crown-leases such as The Dump and three neighbouring gravel pits.