Flowering Plants of the Kamloops Area  — Paul Handford

This 2018 edition of the photo-guide to the flowering plants of the Kamloops area has a new format. 

Past versions of this guide appeared as a single file, wherein the species were arranged roughly by calendar month of their appearance as flowers.   This suited the then relatively small number of species and my rather sketchy understanding of their flowering seasons, but the species list has grown— to now over 300— and my awareness of flowering seasons has improved, and this suggested it was time for a new format.

The single file had already grown so large as to give a download-time problem, at least for some users, so I had already decided that this new edition should be broken into segments.  My improved understanding of flowering seasons allowed me to break the list into three groups:  Early Spring;  Late Spring + Early Summer;  Midsummer to Fall.  Also, I have added an Introductory section, providing an explanation of the changes in this 5th edition, plus some notes on the local flora, on biological classification, and on the evolutionary relationships among the various plant families.   Thus this new edition has four parts in total.

Breaking the file into parts obviously reduces individual file size and download time, but I have also approached the file-size issue by offering two versions of each file— a hi-res and a low-res version— so you may choose which suits your needs and web connection.  The low-res version is still pretty good and would certainly work well on a smart phone, but the larger screens of iPads etc. will benefit from the hi-res.

Finally, recognizing that some will perhaps prefer the single-file format, I also provide hi- and lo-res versions of that file, too.  But please note that this single file version does not include parts of the material that appears in the new Introductory file.


How I Came to Make the Kamloops Plant Guide — by Paul Handford

Paul can be reached at:  handford@uwo.ca