Trail Network Proposal

At the November 7, 2012  meeting of the Kamloops Natural Areas Advisory Committee, the following presentation and recommendations was accepted and passed.  The proposal will be forwarded to Parks and Recreation for their consideration and action.  You can view a map and notes on the proposed trail network here.

KNAAC Workgroup: 

  • Milt Stanley, Dallas Community Association, Friends of Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park
  • Gary Major, Barnhartvale Community Association
  • Yvonne Prokopetz, Barnhartvale Horse & Hiker Trail Preservation Society


To explore possible alternative access to the under-utilized Western section of the Park without tresspassing on Gravel Extraction Sites.  To integrate existing trails into a network that offers users safe access and interesting route choices.


The majority of the Western section of the Park forms a rectangle that runs East-West, and the benchland is cut with deep ravines running North-South.  Developing a trail network offering loops and interesting options for users is challenging. Most users prefer not to return to their starting point by doubling back on the same trail.

After the landfill site was developed, users gained access to the Western section of the Park on trails built illegally through the neighbouring Gravel Extraction sites.  This access is becoming more dangerous as the Gravel sites see increased use.  Clearly alternative safe and legal access must be found.

Our workgroup determined that access to the Western section of the Park could not be easily linked to existing trailheads at Mountview Drive and Eliza Road.  We have, where possible, integrated existing trails into a logical network system.

It is also noted that many of the traditional Park trail links are on Crown Land East of the landfill site. This parcel  is under lease to the City of Kamloops for landfill purposes (Download Map 5).