Park Improvements

The following recommendations were passed at the November 7, 2012 KNAAC Meeting.

Recommendations for 2012-2013

  • Install doggie bag dispensers and bear-proof bins at the Dallas and Barnhartvale entrances.  Status:  Still waiting… 
  • Either adopt Park Hours for the Barnhartvale Gate, or remove gate.  Consider moving Landfill Signage to landfill gate.  Status:  Done!
  • Install fencing or barriers at Barnhartvale entrance to prevent unauthorized entry by ATVs, motorized vehicles.  Status:  Still Waiting...
  • Remove dangerous trees (“leaners”) on some trails.  Blue trails below Eliza Road need particular attention.  Status:  Done!
  • Install park information signage at both entrances (map signage should be delayed until trail improvements/trail network completed.)  Status:  Done!
  • Install signs for Pussy Willow Lane, Benchland Trail, Ranger Bob’s Loop. Other trail name suggestions will be forthcoming after collaboration with communities.  Status:  Done!
  • Begin building/improving trail network as proposed by KNAAC Workgroup.  Status:  Pending Park Management Plan approval by City Council.