Kamloops Natural Areas Advisory Committee (KNAAC)

Formed out of a public meeting in November 2011, the Advisory Committee was charged with providing input and feedback on a Natural Areas Master Plan for the City of Kamloops.

The Master Plan will contain a section applicable to all Natural Area Parks in the City and separate specific plans for each of the Natural Area Parks.  This section of our website deals with KNAAC issues relating to the Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park only, and does not include specific information on the other Parks.

Trail Network Proposal:

A description of recommendations on new trail possibilities in Dallas-Barnhartvale Nature Park.  A 2012 KNAAC Workgroup examined a number of routes into the Park and submitted their findings to KNAAC for inclusion in the Parks Master Plan.

Park Improvements:

Specific recommendations for improvements submitted for inclusion in the Parks Master Plan.